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The report said no collusion what is it about no collusion that you don’t get? you don’t believe in the  Alien United States space force shirt doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure this out. They did not have the evidence to charge with any collusion or obstruction. If they did they would have done so. In our justice system, you are innocent till proven guilty not the other way around like they would like you to believe. My heart aches for what the President has to go through. People are so cruel and they know they will pay the price sooner or later, and as the wise said, if they don’t live long enough to pay the price, their own children will pay and pay dearly I just want to pray for them. First of all, she’s so ugly, she should wear a mask when on camera, second what planet is she living in?

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Alien United States space force shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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It’s so funny how she completely ignores and misrepresented what the report stated. I suppose it’s the Alien United States space force shirt way. I’m beginning to feel sorry for all Republicans. Democrats still push collusion though that is a settled point. Mueller spelled out all the actions campaign and himself did with Russians. He stated in his statement today there was insufficient evidence of coordination. He knew stuff we didn’t know so that doesn’t mean he didn’t have enough evidence to make a determination, it means Mueller didn’t have enough evidence that proved Collusion, in other words, coordination and conspiracy.

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Alien United States space force shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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He determined the evidence he had of everything they did wasn’t Collusion. Democrats should get off the Alien United States space force shirt train. The report didn’t find any criminal activity. People went to jail, are waiting to go, to jail and got indicted. Mueller didn’t say there was no obstruction. He basically said there was but you can’t indict a sitting President. The lies from this administration are spectacular. They know their stupid supporters and fox viewers just believe. They tried to frame and it backfired. Now they’re worried that is uncovering all the corruption and crimes perpetrated by and his administration.

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