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was homeless twice in my life. Both times I still held down jobs. At the Bananas and Blow Boognish Shirt homeless shelters I sometimes stayed in, a good number of them worked. Many homeless were some of the hardest workers I knew. But of course, people who are “above” it all will look down upon those whose plight they don’t understand If you recall…Mohamed Ali, our greatest boxer and much loved by one and all, refused to have his name on the walk of fame because it would be defamed by people walking over it, as it was the name of our Prophet(, Peace be upon Him!) It was instead placed upon the wall.

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Bananas and Blow Boognish Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, and tank top

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Can you even imagine what kind of life they had that they felt this was their best option??? I wish we could all put ourselves in the Bananas and Blow Boognish Shirt shoes of those that are so desperate to find safety for their family they feel they have no other choice to put themselves in life-threatening danger. That tells us that the hazards they face at home are even more perilous than the potential dangers they face when illegally attempting to cross borders Honestly, as a Japanese when I read this news I was uncomfortable and sad. Kimono is very traditional and special thing to Japanese, even in this era nothing is related to actual Japanese Kimono but definitely, it won’t make Japanese happy First time I’ve read the word and.

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Bananas and Blow Boognish Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, and tank top

Women's Tank Top front

seen the photo I said wait what a kimono? That was not a kimono! A kimono is a Japanese traditional dress. Wrong moved. No respect at all My mother had dementia and vascular dementia but could remember the words and tunes to all the Bananas and Blow Boognish Shirt songs from when she was a young girl and sang them regularly to her care home companions (too regularly on occasions) but it gave her great pleasure me too when I sang along with her, memories x This would be fantastic news if we collectively owned the means of/

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    Thank you again for your time, we wish you a wonderful day.

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    We appreciate your time and I hope yo have a lovely day.

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