I have mind-blowingly sensitive skin and after years of products that burnt I decided to make my own DIY skin routine. I bought the rawest stuff and followed the recipes to the Corgivengers avengers shirt, and my skin never looked so upset. I never gave Lush a try because of the stigma around their strong bath bombs, but this cleanser is so so gentle. It even exfoliates and doesn’t hurt, my skin feels soft as a baby’s bottom afterward and I only need Eau Roma Water to feel perfect. Used this years ago as I have such spot prone skin and I’m not a teenager The last new expensive product.

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Corgivengers avengers shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

I tried wasn’t working and my son started using this and reminded me I used to love it. Used his for a while and it was amazing no spots clear skin all the way Ordered my own now it’s the best and far cheaper than anything natural I have tried before. I looked at this online and liked what I saw. Only yesterday I went to touchwood to try it out, I was disappointed with the scent (from the Corgivengers avengers shirt online I thought it would smell great, but it smells like PVA glue).

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Corgivengers avengers shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

I tried the testing one in the store too, it’s fairly good but not as exfoliating as I would like. If you prefer something more exfoliating, I would recommend dark angels as it smells heavenly and exfoliates very well. However, my face did feel cleaner after using it. It has two ingredients that exfoliate – the almonds and the rice bran, but its still not too harsh which is why I think that this is a great everyday Corgivengers avengers shirt for oily skin. My skin looked brighter after I first used it. I did not see immediate results, they were gradual and that was when I started to combine it with Coalface.

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