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I wanna be there I wish I could use some kind of transportation just for the fact of being there a few seconds since I’m utterly over-awed and overwhelmed all my fav actors and actresses are in it. This is like a final for marvel fans sorry for saying this on loop. I will do my best not to spoil this amazing movie for anyone that has not seen it yet. A lot of slow repeat information that needs to be trimmed away just a little tighter for the theater experience. This was more like a BluRay extended version. 3hrs is a little much. As far as the Dad I love you 3000 times daughter shirt movie. I enjoyed it! Was it the best film in the series… No, but that’s hard to do in a franchise like this. I viewed it in which was the absolute best way to see a film like this! If you haven’t seen it yet hurry before you have all of the best moments spoiled. It’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen at least once. Since everyone focuses on my comment in regards to. Marvel, I’ll have to update it. I’m not bashing the movie because of. Marvel wasn’t very present.Men's T-Shirt frontMen's V-Neck T-Shirt front

Dad I love you 3000 times daughter shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tanktop

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Quite the contrary, I was just amused as. Feige was so pleased to tell everyone that some version of. Marvel was going to showcase her powers all over Endgame, being the Dad I love you 3000 times daughter shirt part. Those saying this spot is too big a spoiler, those ticket sales say just how many people have already seen it. Stop sitting on your couch and get a ticket, rather than police people for sharing what you are the minority for avoiding. t got spoiled for me big time. Not even out a weekend and boom. This happens and OMW spoiler alert that you can totally guess from this photo! Then there was the I can’t believe this happened to that character Also the “Do you agree with how they did this in the movie articles. I know exactly what happens without having to sit 3 hours in a movie theater. I can tell, with the success of the movie, Disney isn’t hurting for me either. I’ll wait til a decent copy is pirated. Pausing for bathroom breaks is a must. Watch the movie, enjoy it as if you’re a little kid again, love the experience.Women's Long Sleeved T-Shirt frontUnisex Sweatshirt front

Dad I love you 3000 times daughter shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tanktop

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Then watch it again and let yourself be honest with the faults of this movie. You can like the Dad I love you 3000 times daughter shirt and at the same time give valid criticism. Captain Marvel was supposed to be pivotal yet she barely had any screen time. Why was Thanos so powerful in this movie when Thor nearly killed him singlehandedly in the last one? It was like the writing team gave up. They could have used the first encounter with Tanos for a good battle in which they defeat Tanos but at the end, he up to destroy the stones and leave all of them alive just to punish the Avengers. Ant-man saved by a, really? Avengers gave group support, really? My suggestion, the Avengers after being defeated started looking for new avengers and rescue Ant-man. I have so many more suggestions

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