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I love this shirt! It’s not velvety in texture like it claims and the swatches are patchy, however, I feel like people shouldn’t solely rely on swatches. The Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt looks great on the eyes! I was skeptical before and I hesitated because I feel like I only saw 2 true peach colors. I honestly get tired of seeing so many cream colors and browns in all the Moutainteeshirt shirts. I definitely feel like they should’ve taken one cream color out and substituted it for another true peachy color. However, I will saw that all shades have a warm somewhat peach/pink tone to them. You can only notice it when you swatch them. I love this shirt. The colors are flattering, work well together, and are easy to blend. This is one of my favorites.

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Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

I love this shirt! Super easy to blend, they’re soft, consistent formula across the shirt, there isn’t one dud. If you love warm colors then you won’t be disappointed. I really like this shirt, y’ all. To quote a friend of mine, it’s Shmoove. This is a very good staple shirt if warm mattes are your jam. All of the Detective Pikachu Fusion shirts are silky and blendable, and it’s extremely versatile as long as what you wanted was a warm matte eye, and.

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Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

There are so many variations on that the Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt in this shirt. Be forewarned that Chocolate Dipped is pigmented of, so it’s really easy to come in too hot with it and end up looking like you got socked in the eye. Peach Sangria is a little sheerer than I would prefer, but it’s completely workable despite this. It’s a very good travel shirt, especially if you bring a couple of shimmer singles with you. It is scented, but it’s much more subtle than the Sweet Peach scent, so don’t let that scare you off unless you’re extremely sensitive.

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Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt Detective Pikachu Fusion shirt

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