They are the most obstructionist Congress I can ever remember. They are only worried about one thing, and one thing only. That is trying to remove a duly elected president because they don’t like him, and he is actually working for the Floral Skull Leopard Shirt American People. I think the Republicans should take this opportunity to investigate and plan how to charge those who are the top tier democrats with crimes against the people while in office.

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Women’s T-Shirt

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We all know they are losing sleep and will take their time off to do the same against this country, our president and the Floral Skull Leopard Shirt people, they must pay and do the perp walk before the people in shame and stripped of all they’ve acquired during their reign of corruption.

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Floral Skull Leopard Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, and tank top

Floral Skull Leopard Hoodie


This won’t entirely satisfy the people but it will be a start of cleansing.  Why do so many Bill’s need to be passed anyway? Were buried in lobbyists and bureaucratic swamp let’s just cut govt in half. And throw all the wasteful spending back to the  Floral Skull Leopard Shirt ppl.

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