When I went to lush and said I wanted an everyday cleanser I was presented with Angels on bare skin, and I know a lot of people love it but it does nothing for me. Nor did aqua marina. Ocean salt I find too abrasive to use each day. I love dark angels but it’s messy and I don’t always have the Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt to use it. I had previously dismissed this but I did some reading and I found out this was recommended for oily skin. So I went and got a sample. I don’t like the smell it smells like a packet of crisps. However, my face did feel cleaner after using it. It has two ingredients that exfoliate – the almonds and the rice bran, but its still not too harsh which is why I think that this is a great everyday cleanser for oily skin.

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Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

My skin looked brighter after I first used it. I did not see immediate results, they were gradual and that was when I started to combine it with Coalface. I think its crumbly far more than DA or AOBS, and some times its tricky to find the right amount of water so I can get a paste. I don’t think I will ever love the smell but I’ll get used to. This has become the fresh cleanser I use at least once a day and will continue to do so. Best cleanser scrub masks ever.so gentle and so good for trouble skin and otherwise. the Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt is great it works and keeps my face squeaky clean without over-drying or being too harsh I love it and since I discovered this mask I have literally bin everything I owed.

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Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

I don’t need anything else when I have lush made and homemade natural products. And yes lastly i had an acne break out from stress or hormones first time ever and my skin is super sensitive i cant use shrubs more then maybe once a month this one I can use day nite and my skin comes out even more balance more clear and calm.love it hands down the best Marvel Avengers Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers shirt with an added plus that it can be used on the body as well so what more does one want.. scrub away as lush prices are also so reasonable and the product is always enough or more than the expiry dates.

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