Thank goodness for a flashlight, a pair of small tongs and my husband we were able to get it out. I can imagine how incapacitating it must have been for the Oldometer 45 90 shirt to hold themselves back from going to school. Since it is a reusable product it will also help make a positive environmental impact considering the waste that pads, tampons, applicators generate on a global scale. As men, we forget sometimes the struggles women have to go through when it comes to menstruation, mostly in countries where menstrual pads are not easily accessible.

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This is a good video for sensitivity thinking on the Oldometer 45 90 shirt and to make us reflect on a reality that we rarely think about or don’t think about at all. Although this story was because they couldn’t always afford pads. Menstrual cups are a lot safer than any pad or tampon. Less unwanted chemicals entering into the body. However, this is the biggest true that everyone knows but don’t like to say on this.this is good. And we should donate pads for people like this or give help from our end.

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Oldometer 45 90 shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, longlived and tank top

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Could a friend a young girl from the Oldometer 45 90 shirt send her things she would need to make life easier? Imagine if we all helped one young lady what a difference it would be for her. I think we’re aware so much about menstrual cups so basically, We need to understand everything about all the myths out there. I think We need to be more educated towards it. Some women are still afraid to use these cups, especially in rural areas. We actually need to change all those perceptions towards these cup’s precautions and safety. I have been using it last years ago and never gonna back with sanitary pads.

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    Easy site to use delivered on time and good value for money

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    Thank you for my order. Fast and up to date information on tracking.

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