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You know, something that benefits all us legal citizens? Something that improves our country? Something that doesn’t waste our time and tax dollars? Something that shows you can work effectively on bipartisan issues? Anything except this hatred of trump and divisiveness of our citizens. Mueller’s report belongs in the Peace Out 3rd Grade Shirt books, no collusion proven – no obstruction proved, just a pathetic cry or can’t say. Please try and impeach this president, it will only make his candidacy stronger.

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Peace Out 3rd Grade Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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There are no grounds, you cannot info the Peace Out 3rd Grade Shirt vote in and you sure as hell will not I do the vote in Biden only days this because when running against, it’s not just a bunch of no-name Democrats. He comes across as a likable guy, but this creepy old quack never accomplished anything during all his years in Congress. The good news for the right is that if he wins the general election, nothing will get done. I’m sure it’ll point right back to Joe and his boss the only thing he has going for him is the media will protect him amazing how fast that Virginia shooting dropped from the media when it didn’t fit their narrative.

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Peace Out 3rd Grade Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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They think that if they say it over and over and over and over, the Peace Out 3rd Grade Shirt of evidence won’t matter because the fake news media will continue showing their vile hate for the president. The Democrats are pathetic. Why do people vote for those corrupt, has been losers? Everything single dem knows is innocent of any crimes, but they want people to hate him, so they continue lying and slandering him, this does not help the country. Get back to work Dems, changing the immigration laws to protect citizens. leftist, commit the offense or crime and then accuse the Right of being the guilty party! I’m tired of their antics. How can anyone with any integrity remain a Democrat?

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