“When I was getting the Rip Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt, I asked the hairstylist how she did it. She said ‘Easy: A meets B meets C meets D,’ which is exactly the kind of geometry I was learning in my drafting class at school. When I came home my sister Leslie said ‘I love your haircut,’ and I said ‘I can do it for you.’ So I cut her hair the same way. She was talking on the phone the whole time. It was impeccable. Then we went over to our friend’s house and I cut their hair exactly the same way. My cutting evolved from that and I taught myself how to do perms and highlights on Leslie’s hair.

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Rip Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

We changed her hair constantly. She came to the Rip Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt 30th-anniversary party which was a big thrill. She has Parkinson’s disease now, and she has really bad days—for her to come is a big deal to me because she was the first haircut I ever did. I hitchhiked from our farm in Ponsonby, Ontario to Kitchener-Waterloo every day to go to hairdressing school when I was 16. I wasn’t late once, and I passed with flying colors. I knew how to do everything. When I was 17, I took an advanced training class at [a salon chain called] Glemby International. The trainer told me that I could cut circles around him and that I should be in a bigger city. He eventually quit and went work for [the late hairstylist] Robert Gage. And then I took over his job as the Canadian trainer for Glemby when I was about 20 years old.”

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Rip Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

“When I was taking courses at Glemby the Rip Nipsey Hussle Rest In Peace shirt would show video clips of Garren. He was the hairdresser who showed me how to do point cutting [a layering technique]. And Christiaan was my other influence because he was more avant-garde. [French hairdresser] Alexandre de Paris was my God for doing French rolls and things like that. I even have one of his brushes. It’s the golden brush. People ask to borrow it. I’ve had a lot of brushes disappear from my station, but the golden brush is one constant.”

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Women's V-Neck T-Shirt front

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