So, a while back, my foundation was slipping on my face and coming off. I tried everything, and then I came across a Wayne Goss video (God bless his soul) that showed how to buff the powder into your skin foundation and to use a velour puff to put it on top of the foundation again. The Samurai diver shirt is down below! I know it sounds mental, but it fit and you won’t look cakey if you do it right. He uses the NARS in his video but I decided to try this one instead since the NARS is extremely light reflecting and that is what I need (I take a lot of flash photos). I can tell you one thing right now. So I use the Sephora Mini Multitasker Brush ($15 for this) and I brush it into my skin vigorously before foundation. With my foundations, it does actually last all day. With the Clinique, it even stopped transferring! I could scratch my face and would come off.

Men's V-Neck T-Shirt front

Men's T-Shirt front

Samurai diver shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

I also use a velour puff to put another layer of powder on top of the Samurai diver shirt for extra protection. If you don’t do this all correctly: it could end up looking cakey, so you have to be careful. Take your beauty blender and stipple it on top of the final layer if you think it looks too cakey. What I’ve found is that my nose would still get oily no matter how much I put but that’s not the powders fault (hormones) but it did delay the shiny nose. Another tip: Stop concealer from creasing under eyes by wiping away the product build up in the creases with your pinky finger and putting a little bit of this product of the tip of a brush and swiping it there. No more creases. I also have a PSA for anyone dealing with and how this product and technique helped me with it:

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Samurai diver shirt Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Longlived

By absorbing every bit of oil this product comes in contact with on my skin underneath the Samurai diver shirt, I stopped breaking out. No, like I haven’t broken out in a week and a half and I haven’t been this clear since I was 11 and I’m 16 now. This actually saved my skin – this product and putting it on before foundation. Breakouts occur when oil mixes with dead skin cells and the “P. Acnes” bacteria SO if you use Benzoyl Peroxide for the bacteria, Salicylic Acid for the dead skin cells and this powder for the oil: you’ll notice significantly fewer breakouts, close to none. I’m drop dead serious: give all that a try. Make sure the Salicylic Acid is in the right pH (Check Beautypedia) A little off topic towards the end there but all in all, It gives you of product for the price and you won’t regret it. The holy grail for me.

Women's Tank Top front

Women's V-Neck T-Shirt front


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