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Not the Sorry I’m Awkward Sorry Shirt of dismembering an unborn child. Disney sees to be synonymous with family, but for many years they have taken a different path. Seems like they also have an inflated view of their importance in the world. That’s just being small-minded. Get over it! Most people don’t want babies aborted late in the pregnancy. The Democrats ruined it for women that might have wanted one in the first couple of months. You’d be doing Georgia a favor to the detriment of your shareholders by leaving Bobby. Please go through with this because the law will be taking effect.

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Sorry I’m Awkward Sorry Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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Kemp isn’t going to let some overpaid Hollywood loser dictate policy to him. What you should really do for the Sorry I’m Awkward Sorry Shirt is lower the outrageous prices to get into Disney. Millions of kids and families will never see the magic kingdom because of the cost. Walt never would have let it get this way. Well, it’s going to be hard to find a state to work in before it’s over. Have a backbone Disney and quit playing politics. Because those of us that have made you over the moon wealthy can do the same thing.

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Sorry I’m Awkward Sorry Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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Their movies, parks, and merchandise are geared to children and families. Now they want to enter the Sorry I’m Awkward Sorry Shirt debate. Disney is advocating the murder of babies. There is something seriously wrong with that. This did not need to happen. Disney could have stayed neutral. But that is not exciting. It’s much more exciting to advocate the murder of children. Stand up folks, find another Family Vacation Destination. Can you imagine, he thinks his Amusement Park is more important than human Life. What’s worse is we empower his bias and allow him to use monetary intimidation to sway opinions. It’s too bad they feel that way and that they don’t have a value of innocent, defenseless life that their high minded attitude of themselves denies.

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  1. Danny (verified owner)

    Arrived swiftly and happy with purchase

  2. HamoPhilip (verified owner)

    Didn’t deliver in timescale advised, when I chased the order it hadn’t been printed but they didn’t inform me of delay.

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