Doctor and hospital bills are so high and they won’t even work with you on payments. Happy for them.  Now that is what churches are there for. Helping the less fortunate. God and his Son give us ample directions on how we should treat each other in the Sport In Philadelphia Shirt Bible. Medical debt can ruin your credit, therefore, impacting your life in negative ways. God bless this church! What a true example of Christian fellowship and stewardship!

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A wonderful Christian gesture by a blessed church. Hopefully, the recipients are eventually able to pay forward the blessing they have received. This is wonderful. I believe churches should take care of their flock. It shouldn’t always be up to the government, it should be the  Sport In Philadelphia Shirt tax-exempted churches.  I have been a pastor for over 50 years I can say that most weeks there is an act giving to some family that has a need.

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Sport In Philadelphia Shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Long Sleeved

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If you would add it all together the total would. Amount to enough to build a bigger building. with the Sport In Philadelphia Shirt money that I personally have gifted to those in need. i will receive my reward in this world and in the world to come. Then I see questions here about big houses of worship but you never hear complaints about the local sports house. Weldon Burchett it’s not about them being big it’s about them being wealthy.

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