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Socialists promise everything but cannot provide what the Virginia Beach Strong Shirt promised. It is time Americans open their eyes and see what it actually does. Open your eyes and see what socialist politicians actually provide for everyday people. Incentivized homelessness is absolutely evil. The progressive Democrats who run the area do it intentionally, and the mindless fools who keep electing them are completely oblivious to it. Demigods they love slums as they modeled California off Venezuela.

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Virginia Beach Strong Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, longlived and tank top

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And they are doing a great job of replication don’t you think. Looks the Virginia Beach Strong Shirt as they have not added any extra rubbish. Democrats trying to be good Socialists. win win for them. Hide or report this. Portland, most of these liberal cities use the homeless crisis to tax local residents than do nothing to solve the crisis. If you are a democrat and the homeless and drug addicts tend to vote Democrat would you do anything either? A lot of women would vote for a certain party for such rights.

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Virginia Beach Strong Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, longlived and tank top

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Smart move considering it wasn’t about giving rights to women, it was because it would bring more votes to a certain party then or in the Virginia Beach Strong Shirt. That’s politics. The same idea is being done here today, they sugarcoat it with words like Abortion and planned parenthood, and not for women’s rights but for votes. Men of all color and religions already had the right to vote. It was women whom men fought against giving them the right to vote and every woman should thank these suffragettes who went through hell for women to be given the right to vote instead of being treated like second class citizens by men which they were then.

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    It’s a wonderful T-shirt thank you

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    Quick service, good quality.

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