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Operating Engineers are some successful Unions, to be modeled after. Time for a decent wage, health insurance, and pension, for every worker all over the Zack Snyder All The Gods Shirt. The Socialist elements they put in, in those countries, have very little ingredients of Democracy, and that’s why they failed. What Bernie is proposing is much different from how the Soviet Union or Venezuela did things. Who decides what is each person’s share? Bernie? Does that mean I get one of his houses and a fat bank account with deposits from him? He does have so much more than me! Why would you not look at these countries and know socialism and communism do not work?

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Zack Snyder All The Gods Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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This is not what our country stands for and it never will! There is no such thing as a free ride. Saying the Zack Snyder All The Gods Shirt generation will have less? Every parent prays their child will have it better than them. Oh and I remember East Germany and Russia and the people standing in bread lines the horrible stories when people managed to escape of life there and how they escaped and why! It’s true if we haven’t learned from history we are bound to repeat it.

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Zack Snyder All The Gods Shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt and tank top

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We need to educate people because those that think this horror is a good idea don’t really know what they lose and that the Bernies of the Zack Snyder All The Gods Shirt do not care about America or the citizens. He may have used his wealth to stay out of that conflict but he’s spent over a billion dollars to serve his country now I’d say that makes up for it. I’m a Veteran and I don’t have a problem with him not serving especially when people like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton all had the opportunity to yet, chose not to.

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    I’m very sorry to learn you’re not happy with the print quality on your item.

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    Great t shirts , very fast delivery, well recommended

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